My performance at ‘Bringing Sexy Back’ Showcase ’22

arlene caffrey pole dancing at bringing sexy back 2022 showcase

Here is my performance at my annual ‘Bringing Sexy Back’ Showcase ’22 at Irish Pole Dance Academy!

I have not one, but two videos from different angles, as well as with the intro from our wonderful MC Bláithín de Burca, so that you can enjoy it in it’s full glory depending on whichever device you are using.

You may also enjoy the commentary from my good pal Sarah Blackmilk, who made the portrait video: “Yes, you floaty bitch!” I may need to add that to my Instagram bio…

This glorious event took place on July 2nd, 2022 at my beautiful studio.

Thank you so, so much to everyone who came along and supported the event. It’s such a privilege that I got to co-create a safe, sacred space with my students and friends; it truly was a magical evening that I will cherish forever.

Two things I wanted to share:

  1. I almost didn’t make it due to stress-induced illness. Which is something I don’t talk about, but alas, I am a divil for running myself into the ground by burning the candle at both ends and doing all-the-things. The event simply meant too much to me to miss; I wanted to be there to see my students and everyone bring the show. I have no regrets about being there, but I am paying for it now and writing this blog from my bed. So lesson one: look after your body and mind (which is easier said than done, of course).
  2. It’s humid AF in Ireland at the moment, so the floor was a bit slick by the time I got to my performance. So if you notice the tiny wobbles, this is why they are there.

I’m not apologizing for the above, I still really, really enjoyed every second of my performance and felt nothing but the sheer joy of movement! I just want y’all to know that no matter how well prepared you might be for a performance, random shiz will always, always come your way. So let go of perfectionism, keep on dancing to the best of your ability, and do it safely! 🖤

The song I am dancing to is ‘Mr. Inconsistent’ by Slow Riot. When I first heard this song back in November 2019 I knew that I wanted to create a warm, dreamy, old school AF performance to it. So, I waited for the right opportunity to do that.

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About ‘Bringing Sexy Back’: This is an annual event where some of our students, instructors and special guests (from near and afar!) come together to joyfully celebrate their love of pole dance, as well as honour it’s important history.

Because the concept of ‘sexy’ transcends narrow definitions and knows no boundaries. We showcased what sexy means to us.

The more you know: ‘Bringing Sexy Back’ was an idea that started back in 2012 by Annmarie Davies (if you don’t know who she is, make it your business to Google her 🖤) and United Pole Artists as an international event and an important reminder of the origins of pole dance in the face of stripper erasure. At my studio, we are still keeping the tradition going as I feel that the cause is still very relevant. I was also the ‘poster girl’ for the event back in 2015, which was a massive honour! Here is one of the images from that campaign:

arlene caffrey bringing sexy back 2015 united pole artists