arlene caffrey pole dancing at bringing sexy back 2022 showcase
Here is my performance at my annual ‘Bringing Sexy Back’ Showcase ’22 at Irish Pole Dance Academy! I have not one, but two videos from different angles, as well as with the intro from our wonderful MC Bláithín de Burca, so that you can enjoy it in it’s full glory depending on whichever device you...
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Arlene Caffrey pole dancing at Eden Pole Competition
I have decided not to share these photos on Instagram for fear of getting punished, due to the silly restrictions on what they deem to be “overtly sexual content”. So please enjoy them, unrestricted in their full glory here 🖤 Photo credits: Denyer Pro If you enjoyed looking at these photos, please kindly support my...
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arlene caffrey pole dancing at eden pole compeition london. photo by denyer.
Thank you Denyer Pro for the above photo from my performance! About my act: She is the mist kissing a golden morning. Pearly dew drops on green grass, wet within and without. She is the sparkling effervescence that dances at the meeting of your legs, and the parting of your lips. She is that which...
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arlene caffrey pole dancing to protomartyr
After a busy number of weeks I finally had a bit of time to put on a bikini plus a banging tune and dance for faff’s sake. Massive thank you to my dear friend @estefjimpa for this beautiful bikini! Music: ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Protomartyr + Kelley Deal To all the Protomartyr fans who always come...
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arlene caffrey pole dancing at irish pole dance academy in dublin
On Sunday May 1st I’ll be taking part in my first pole competition in 4 years. I wanted to share some words of wisdom as an OG poler who has honestly taken part in more competitions than she can count. What I’m about to say is very much not intended as a humblebrag or a...
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arlene caffrey pole dancing in a tesla advert commercial
Back in August 2021, I had the pleasure of pole dancing in this commercial shoot by Heritage, a female led creative agency based here in Ireland. It’s a spec advert for Tesla. Heritage say about the project: “We wanted to create this as an identity piece of our brand, focusing on unheard voices, pushing the...
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arlene caffrey pole dancing to just mustard
Some spinny faff and feeling my way through the music for a new pole dance choreography lesson I’ve cooked up. You can learn an intermediate level friendly version of this choreo over on my online pole dance lessons page, over at the Irish Pole Dance Academy website! Click here to watch the lesson!
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arlene caffrey coffee grinder
Love is… my daily grind. 💦 In the spirit of Love Day, please enjoy this quite extra expression of my love for coffee. I’m posting it here on the safety of my website as no doubt it will get removed from social media. Thanks so, so much to all y’all who support me, and especially...
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arlene caffrey old school pole dancer portrait by deirdre mc ging
A tip on how to find your style from an OG pole dancer: You don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time you dance. 🤘 Meaning it’s not necessary to learn a whole new bag of tricks or come up with something completely different every time you perform. The pursuit of newness is so exciting:...
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