A Tip on How to Find Your Pole Dance Style

arlene caffrey old school pole dancer portrait by deirdre mc ging

A tip on how to find your style from an OG pole dancer: You don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time you dance. 🤘

Meaning it’s not necessary to learn a whole new bag of tricks or come up with something completely different every time you perform.

The pursuit of newness is so exciting: So many times over the years I’ve seen fellow polers perceive some unwritten rule that you must include new-to-you tricks, transitions and flow everytime you dance. And I used to feel it too.

I often wonder why we feel need to mount so much pressure on ourselves as movement artists… It would be like your favourite band switching to a new genre with every new song they wrote.

That being said, setting goals and dreaming in new ideas is what we do as humans. So please, don’t take this to mean that you shouldn’t seek out newness or see what’s beyond your comfort zone.

But rather, can you get more curious within your current style and repertoire? Are there ways to bring new meaning and intention to well-worn pathways, and to reimagine them in ways you previously couldn’t? Or even exploring different emotions when you dance? A different tempo, or a different expression of your soul? Yes, I realize how pretentious that sounds, but that’s how I roll.

It’s also perfectly fine to just keep on doing what you love and sticking with it for as long as it brings you joy. Which is exactly why my own style is centred around sad songs, splits and body waves for days, and I make no apology for it.

Your movement and dancing is for you. So move, unapologetically.