My performance at Eden Pole Competition

arlene caffrey pole dancing at eden pole compeition london. photo by denyer.

Thank you Denyer Pro for the above photo from my performance!

About my act: She is the mist kissing a golden morning. Pearly dew drops on green grass, wet within and without. She is the sparkling effervescence that dances at the meeting of your legs, and the parting of your lips. She is that which has no name. She is that which is Holy Fire. She is ancient and abundant, joy and sadness, strength and pain. Divine, feminine. Feel it all, let it burn deep.

Sadly I can’t share this video on Instagram for fear of getting punished, due to the striptease and partial nudity! Please enjoy it in it’s full glory here.

Getting to dance on this stage meant so much to me. I had applied for and started looking forward to Eden Pole Competition back in November 2019, then you-know-what happened. The world changed, and so did I.

So this performance is different from what I had initially dreamt of bringing to the Eden stage; it feels like I’ve come home to myself and deepened my own style of shoe gazey gooey dancing.

I’m really delighted that people connected with it and felt moved by my performance. Thank you so much to everyone for their kind words!

Thank you so much to the following amazing humans who helped to bring my vision for this performance to life:

🖤 My sister Steff for editing down ‘Linger’ into 4mins without losing any of it’s magic

🖤 Agata of Sway Polewear for making my gorgeous green bikini

🖤 My mentor Alethea Austin for guiding me in fine tuning my choreography

Thank you so much Pammie Cameron for kindly making this video also!

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