‘October 7’ Pole Dance Show at Defy Gravity, Wales

arlene caffrey pole dancing performance at defy gravity wales october 7 2023

Getting up at an ungodly hour to catch the ferry from Rosslare. Boarding the ferry, crammed into a mini bus filled with stags on their way to Cardiff for a weekend of shenanigans. Sitting in the café bar, listening to their soft, beer fuelled but wholesome giddy banter. Watching the shoreline disappear gradually, waves merging into a grey sky horizon. Slow smile spreading within, and outwardly, as I sip my tea and slip my earbuds in to listen to my music for my performance.

This annual visit across the waves to Milford Haven is always worth it; my heart is still full of joy and will be until the next visit in October 2024.

Taking a break from the Scarlet Show, this year’s event was a more classical style pole dance showcase called ‘October 7’ featuring performances from Defy Gravity and Scarlet Temple students, as well as from the OG and creatrix herself, Jamie Taylor. I had the honour of being invited to join the showcase as a special guest and headliner, as well as to teach my ‘Old School Flow’ workshop.

I had so much fun making my guest performance, you can hopefully get a sense of this joy from the video below.

I’ve written about the intention behind this pole dance act in my previous blog post; in short the act is about infusing Old School pole dance movements with my signature sexistential dread vibes, in the spirit of creating ‘beautiful pointlessness’. This concept is about bringing ‘beauty without the necessity of meaning, just existing in the moment and feeling deeply’ as I have previously written.

I hope you will enjoy this video of my performance, and as always you might like to buy me a coffee if you enjoy it. Thank you, you absolutely gorgeous human being.

The song that I am dancing to in my performance is ‘Pulling Stitches’ by bdrmm.

To be kept in the loop about the ‘Scarlet Show’ 2024, follow Jamie on Instagram: @dgafandpole. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you simply have to witness this show in person to truly understand it. Be there; I promise you won’t regret it… If you want an insight, read my blog about last year’s show here.