Workshops for 2024

Sexistential Dread: Photos by Stephen White The Last Mixed Tape

‘So what’s your day job outside of this?’ I often get asked by my pole students as we’re chatting between workshops. ‘This,’ I say. ‘This is my day job!’

Pole dancing, particularly teaching, is how I earn a living.

When you book into one of my workshops, take my online lessons and / or attend a class, it means the absolute world to me. As a fully self-employed person, it helps me to keep on doing what I do, as well as allowing me to engage in my side projects away from pole dance life in creating art.

After an intense period of teaching and travelling, I am feeling very appreciative of the life I have where I get to share what I love doing with folks who want to learn it. Teaching and disseminating my style of Old School pole dancing and floorwork (in my nerdy detail-oriented way, sprinkled with absurd humour and the odd pretentious tangent where I compare movements to the writings of James Joyce) brings such joy to my heart.

As I prepare to teach my last workshop of the year this Wednesday in Clonmel (already sold out!) I wanted to say a massive thank you to all of the studios that opened their doors to me and have booked me for pole dancing workshops and classes this year, as well as to everyone who made the choice to come and learn from me. I appreciate you all immensely:

✨ Beanie The Jet / Filthy Friday in Manchester
✨ Pivot Pole Studio in Edinburgh
✨ Spirit ‘n’ Roses in Amsterdam
✨ Drehmoment in Berlin (not once, but twice!)
✨ Defy Gravity in Milford Haven
✨ Lioness Aerial Fitness in Wexford and Waterford
✨ Venus Pole in London
✨ Spykes Pole Dance & Fitness in Clonmel

I will be taking a short break from travelling and workshops until mid-March 2024, to focus on some important life stuff.

Just to be clear, my online lessons (new content every month) and weekly classes in Waterford and Clonmel will be continuing. But no workshops, gigs or travel til March 2024!

I have a few very cool projects already planned, and I am open to making plans for travel and workshops.

If you’re a studio owner, feel free to get in touch and we will make the magic happen!

The photo above is how I look when I get out of bed the morning after an intense period of travel and teaching, captured expertly by Stephen White aka The Last Mixed Tape…

…And on that note, yes, prints of some of the images from our Sexistential Dread’ series will be available soon. Keep an eye on my ‘Buy Me A Coffee’ page!