Scenes from ‘The Candlelight Cabaret’, Lost Lane, Dublin

Last Saturday November 4th I had the pleasure of making my debut at ‘The Candlelight Cabaret‘ in Lost Lane, Dublin. It feels like an age since I have performed in Dublin, as the pandemic coupled with a changing city shook up the Burlesque & Cabaret scene in our capital city.

Now, new roots have taken hold with ‘The Candlelight Cabaret’ firmly establishing itself as one of the strongest shows on the island.

I performed my pole dance act to ‘Pulling Stitches’ by bdrmm, showcasing my signature sexistential dread vibes.

As well as this, I performed a Burlesque act that I have previously only performed twice, my ‘Autumn Leaves’ striptease. This act is about how much I adore autumn and find beauty in the shedding of the leaves, honouring the end of one cycle and the descent into necessary darkness before the light returns. Yes, more Scorpio vibes! It’s also about celebrating being sensual and sexy, for the fun of it, to the gorgeous soundtrack of Cocteau Twins!

You’ll notice in the video of the ‘Autumn Leaves’ striptease that I experienced a bit of ‘prop failure’ on stage as my umbrella randomly refused to comply. I hope you too find joy and humour in the chaos of live performing, and if you’re an aspiring Burlesque dancer I hope it gives you a bit of inspiration and joy in knowing that sometimes things don’t go to plan; you just have to let it go and let it flow. Which I feel is quite a fitting autumnal sentiment.

I hope you’ll enjoy the images and videos from the night, and that they bring a sense of the playfulness, love and sheer joy that was felt in the room while I danced…

As always, if you enjoy these videos and photos of my work, and if you’re in a position to, you might like to tip me in the form of a coffee. It’s always greatly appreciated, and enables me to keep on doing what I do!

All images are by Peter O’Hanlon, please do not download or share without permission from the photographer.