Scorpio Vibes: Photos by The Last Mixed Tape

Arlene Caffrey portrait by Stephen White / The Last Mixed Tape

“Have you got a leather jacket?” says he. “No I don’t” says I. “Can I borrow yours?”…

With it being Scorpio season, I wanted to share with you the full set from a photoshoot I made with fellow Scorpio Stephen White, The Last Mixed Tape, back at the end of August.

Sometimes you meet someone who sees you as you truly are, who gets you straight away. Although it was my first time properly meeting Steve, after years of moving in the same circles around Dublin, I hope that connection shows in these photos.

So please enjoy the portraits. As always, if you appreciate art and if you’re in a position to, you might like to buy a coffee for myself and Steve if you enjoy the photos. Kind words, and coffee, are always appreciated!

All images are by Stephen White, please do not download or share without permission from the photographer.