Sexistential Dread: Photos by The Last Mixed Tape

Sexistential Dread: Photos by Stephen White The Last Mixed Tape

A woman enters an apartment in Stoneybatter, Dublin. She wears a leopard print trench coat with black patent high heels. Undoing her coat in the hallway, she slowly reveals her black lingerie underneath. She fixes her stockings in the living room mirror. Removing her coat, she enters the bedroom. See her on the bed, reaching for your hand, inviting you to join her. Slowly, hands undo the layers of lingerie.

[Scene missing]

Wearing his white shirt on the bed, she moves to the window to gaze at the world below. Bathed in the golden light of an autumnal evening, the city is oblivious. In her eyes, the story can be read.

As it’s my 37th birthday today, I am sharing with you the full set from a photoshoot I made last month with my fellow Scorpio Stephen White aka The Last Mixed Tape.

Inspired by French New Wave cinema, we came up with a concept of telling a story about pleasure, intimacy and ennui; sex as release from daily existentialism.

We wanted to create a slightly voyeuristic feel, as well as channeling femme vulnerability, softness and strength that comes with agency. I feel that we created something special that captures that balance, as well as embodying some Anna Karina vibes.

If you appreciate the art that myself and Steve have created, and if you’re in a position to, you might like to buy a coffee for myself and Steve. Just be sure to write that in the notes, and I’ll share the coffee with him. It’s also his birthday on Monday, so all the more reason to show some love!

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All images are by Stephen White, please do not download or share without permission from the photographer.

Recommended listening to provide a soundtrack while you peruse these images: ‘K.’ by Cigarettes After Sex.

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