Some reflections on 17 years of pole dancing

arlene caffrey reflects on 17 years of pole dancing

Today is my 17th Poleversary!

On Midsummer evening 2006, I took my first pole fitness class in Drogheda. The first moves I learned how to do were a cute walk with the pole, a back slide and body waves, whilst wearing runners. It feels like a lifetime ago, though I still vividly remember it!

I’m so thankful to still be dancing today. I am full of appreciation for this body which feels stronger than ever.

I have so many thoughts and reflections on this poleversary, more than I can write in a single post. Especially since this past year I feel I have grown and evolved so much.

I haven’t posted much about this but last year I made the decision to finally pursue my masters degree in Fine Art at Limerick School of Art & Design.

Back when I started pole, I was in first year of my undergrad studies in Graphic Design. Pole dancing has taken me on an amazing journey and now I’m integrating my movement practice with my Fine Art sculpture practice.

It feels less full-circle and more so of an evolution. I’m stoked to be back studying art and to still be dancing, teaching and performing pole.

Studying full time plus teaching, training, performing and producing leaves me with not a huge amount of time for social media, but I’ll have more reflections on this poleversary soon 🖤

arlene caffrey pole dancing in kilkenny

📷 From a recent performance at The Cat’s Meow in Kilkenny by Eddie Kavanagh

arlene caffrey masters at limerick school of art

📷 A recent selfie from one of the sculpture rooms at art school, ie: how I mostly look these days