Too Good for the ‘Gram: A Photo by Laya Meabhdh

edit of Arlene Caffrey performing at Bringing Sexy Back pole dance showcase 2022, by Laya Meabhdh

Here’s a photo from my recent performance at my ‘Bringing Sexy Back’ Showcase ’22 at Irish Pole Dance Academy, by the wonderful Laya Meabhdh (@layameabhdh on Instagram).

I did share it on the aul Instagram, but alas it got taken down on the grounds of “sexual solicitation”. Le sigh.

Anyway, we know well at this stage how restrictive social media policies are becoming, and how it limits art.

So please enjoy the unedited photo in it’s full glory here.

I love this photo. The composition alone gives me life. And I feel that you can see just how much I was enjoying myself in the performance. It takes an exceptional photographer to make a photo that not only is interesting and beautiful in composition, but can also successfully portray the emotion of the subject and atmosphere of a specific moment in time. I also greatly appreciate a photographer who challenges the norm of what pole dance performance photography should look like. So, thank you Laya.

All I ask is that you do not repost or share this photo without express permission from myself or the photographer.