‘Unleashed’ Pole Dance Documentary

arlene caffrey in unleashed pole dancing documentary

“…I think what the audience perceives from your dancing is sometimes beyond your control and all that you can hope is that they will relate to it and feel some kind of an emotion. That’s all I want to do is to make people feel something within themselves when I’m moving.”

Recently I was visited by a group of filmmaking students from Griffith College to talk about my experience of empowerment and embodiment through pole dancing. Filmed at Lioness Aerial Fitness (where I teach weekly pole dancing classes in Waterford) and at the annual Pole Dance Ireland Princess competition, this mini documentary shows a contemporary snapshot of the pole dance community in Ireland right now.

I talk about my own journey with pole dancing and how it has evolved, my ongoing journey with self actualization and feminism, and my perception of how my students experience empowerment through pole dance classes.

If nothing else, it is beautifully shot and well worth the 4 minutes of your time.

Thank you so much to Alexandra M. Sofroni, Ivan Chavira and Pedro Molina for their time in making this documentary, as well as to a massive thank you Lisa Byrne at Lioness Aerial Fitness.

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