Arlene Caffrey offers a wide range of diverse workshops, from Exotic Pole Dance to Chair Dance to Burlesque and Pole Tricks. Throughout all workshops Arlene will share the secrets from her years of dedication to her craft and her learnings as a certified Liquid Motion® Instructor, as well as how to create your own unique style. To book Arlene Caffrey at your studio please contact us or email [email protected]


arlene caffrey exoticClassique Pole Dance Flow

Learn Arlene’s signature style of Classique Pole Dance and the art of dancing in heels! You will learn sequences of flowing pole dance bottom-third transitions with attention to lines and extended ankles, as well as spins and tricks. Students will combine all of the above together into a sexy slinkin’ routine with a focus on owning their own style and interpretation of the sequences, with an abundance of hair flicks and sass!

We will cover the basics of how to control your movement, flow and balance, as well as incorporating ankle strengthening exercises to help you master your heels. You will learn about how to include active flexibility and extension in your dancing, so that you can become stronger and more flexible every time you dance. Heels worn should be pole dance specific shoes (eg: Pleaser, Ellie, Glitter Heels).

Suitable for all levels: different variations/routines available for beginners through to advanced pole dance students.

arlene caffrey exotic

Floorwork for Burlesque & Beyond

Do you feel at a loss when it comes to floorwork? Or perhaps you too are obsessed with slinking around on the floor? This workshop is about making the longest lines possible, combining your movements seamlessly, extending your ankles and getting the most out of your heels. In this workshop, Arlene will break down the secrets of floorwork and how to make the smallest movements have the largest impact. Arlene will share her signature shoulder rolls, balances and poses as well as flowing transitions and dynamic movements. Grab your heels, grab your knee pads and get ready for some slinky fun!

Suitable for all levels: different variations/routines available for beginners through to advanced pole dance students. Having splits and shoulder rolls on both sides is a bonus, but not necessary. These floorwork tricks do not require massive flexibility!

arlene caffrey exotic dance workshopsExotic Dance – Signature Tricks and Combos

Want more bang for your buck? Arlene will share with you the art of making exotic pole dance tricks look easy, and the secrets of creating impressive tricks that don’t require super-human strength and flexibility. The key word here is “DANCE”: we will not only learn tricks, but how to move in and out of them beautifully!

This is a great workshop for anyone who wants to learn fun, inventive and beautiful combos, transitions and tricks; let’s be honest, who doesn’t want it? Arlene will share her signature rotating static-pole transitions and flows, dynamic drops, lots and lots of splits and spinning-pole flows. Suitable for intermediate students, ie: you should be comfortable with spins and pirouettes and inverting on both sides (such as shoulder-mounts, leg hangs, and brass monkey etc.)

Workshops can be catered for Intermediate level or Advanced level, or a mix of both.

arlene caffrey chair dance workshops
Pure Chair Dance

This workshop is not only about learning cool acrobatic and flexy tricks on a chair, but incorporating them together into kick ass choreography!

Learn the gorgeous art of chair dancing, to maximize your body rolling, Burlesque legs and sexy selves. You will learn interesting, acrobatic poses with the chair, such as arm balances and backbends, as well as flowing movement on and around the chair to creative seamless beautiful dancing through the different shapes and poses that you will learn.

Suitable for all levels. You should be able to hold a strong plank on the floor in order to be able to do this workshop!

arlene caffrey burlesqueBurlesque & Pole Dance Fusion

In this workshop Arlene will discuss what makes a sensual, interesting and dynamic pole dance performance and how Burlesque can work with your dancing to bring an extra layer of narrative, emotion and intention. You will learn a whole pole dance choreography with a Neo Burlesque emphasis as well as how to maximise striptease and make it look artful (i.e: it’s more than just whipping off layers of clothing!). You will also explore your own unique Burlesque character. Upon finishing, you will have a new choreography to take home, new inspiration and a sense of accomplishment! Most importantly, you will have great fun!

Students must bring their own stockings / hold ups and heels.

Suitable for all levels: different variations/routines available for beginners through to advanced pole dance students.

arlene caffrey burlesqueClassic Burlesque

Welcome to the fabulous, feminine and fun world of Burlesque! In this workshop you will be taught by Arlene’s Burlesque persona, La Petite Mort (aka Miss Burlesque Ireland).

To become acquainted with our Burlesque selves, we will learn the basics of Classic Burlesque dance, including the Bump, the Grind, the Shimmy and the Burlesque Walk. We will then progress to learn about the most fun part: The Striptease! We will learn how to do stocking pulls and glove removal, to bring the elegance and mystique of classic striptease.

Students must bring their own gloves and stockings / hold ups.

Suitable for all levels, all ages, all shapes, all sizes, all types of individuals!